Saturday, November 17, 2012

Harriette Cole Brings Knits, Fashion, & Meditation in 108 Stitches Collection

Luxurious silk, soft leather, metallic wool, ostrich feathers, and mediation. I know what you're thinking, one of those words doesn't fit; but all are used to create Harriette Cole's new luxury collection of crocheted accessories, "108 Stitches."

Recently at a trunk show and sale here in LA, presented by Susan Cole Hill with the help of W.P. Miller Special Events,  I had the chance to adorn myself in a few items that some blindly may call scarves, but were really an eclectic blend of art, fashion, hobby, and spirituality.

Harriette Cole...Harriette Cole...why does that name sound familiar? Think, or better yet, Google the history of iconic magazines, Essence and Ebony, and you'll read that Cole made an indelible mark at both publications and others. Most recently, she's been lending her lifestyle savvy and advice to television's "The Today Show", BET, and "Racheal Ray."

So how does one literally turn a page and transition from media mogul to knitting as a business! Well, sometimes to go forward we look back at our original passions for direction. And that's what Cole did! For her, the art of crocheting is a childhood love renewed to create fabulous fashion accessories that not only feel great, but can also be quite useful in cooler temperatures.

While at the LA event, I got a chance to talk with Cole about her collection, the story behind it, and just how she made it possible to literally wear a meditation through art--the "108" represents more than just the number of stitches and has nothing to do baseball, but I'll let her explain in the video.

And among the shoppers and attendees of the trunk show, famed TV host, Tanika Ray, was there too! So I struck up a conversation with her about the 108 Stitches Collection and what she liked about it. That too is in the video below! What's not in the video is her love of artsy things including design,  but you can definitely see it expressed on her Pinterest boards!

After you WATCH the video and hopefully comment on what you see and hear, visit 108Stitches.BIZ to see more of Harriette Cole's crotchet collection.  And keep in mind that what you see there isn't merely knitted accessories, Cole's creations are works of ART that honor not just the body, but the spirit.  Here's the video:

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Miki Turner: Journey To The Woman I've Come To Love

MIKI TURNER...a journalist, teacher, photographer, and proud Hampton University grad. Petite with a big smile, a sharp sense of humor, and often flowing natural locks, she's a woman of many talents and camera lenses. A familiar face on the entertainment press scene, she's also interviewed and/or photographed many of the biggest names in the showbiz game. And now the interviewer becomes the interviewee as she embarks on an exciting new endeavor promoting her new title as "author" of her new book, "Journey To The Woman I've Come To Love."

In a showbiz town famous for  its focus on outer beauty, Turner explores deeper to find what women from various walks of life have to come to learn and love about themselves. Through beautiful photography and shared insights she celebrates the gifts of age and experience with women for women.

Not that men or young girls won't enjoy "Journey To The Woman I've Come To Love," many will. But you get the sense that Turner is out to change the perception that older means lesser--less beauty, less vivrancy, less anything! In fact, the women featured in her collection haven't lost anything; they've gained a lot, especially a sense of self.   In this interview Turner further explains the meaning behind the title of the book and what inspired it. So watch this video!

What is now a great coffee table book and a catalyst of good conversation, "Journey To The Woman I've Come To Love" also includes images from actresses Halle Berry, Sanaa Latham, Laurel Holloman, Angelina Jolie, artist Synthia Saint James, and many more. There's 91 women featured in all. You can order it through Turner's website! Click

Enjoy my pics from the launch party:

Friday, November 02, 2012

Denzel Washington, Robert Zemeckis, & Film Cast Talk "Flight's" Turbulence

Paramount Pictures new offering, "Flight" with leading men Denzel Washington, Don Cheadle, and John Goodman, promises to be a film that will stay with you long after the credits have rolled. Don't you love those kinds of movies? I do!

Not to leave the ladies out, actresses Kelly Reilly, and Melissa Leo also lend remarkable performances in this film. So this film has broad appeal and it will be interesting to see how various audiences respond to it.

You've probably seen the dramatic trailer, right? If not, in it Denzel is a fast thinking pilot that manages to land a crashing plane in such a miraculous way that he saves more lives than anyone could imagine, considering the dire circumstances.

But there's an underlying issue of alcoholism as well as a cover up by the airline. Someone's got to shoulder the blame for the crash and an alcoholic pilot is the perfect scapegoat. Once again Denzel gives us a flawed hero movie goers will either root for or demonize. Good guy or bad guy Denzel's performance in this film is so good, there's rumor of Oscar nomination.

Admittedly, I'm telling you what I've heard about "Flight" because I haven't seen it, but I did attend the film's press conference. So turn up the sound and go with me as i live and work in Hollywood and enter a room full of fellow entertainment writers, bloggers, publicists, and of course actors.

Imagine sitting before us at a long table is "da man" himself, Denzel Washington, and fellow cast members, Kelly Reilly, Bruce Greenwoood, Melissa Leo, John Goodman, and director, Robert Zemeckis.

And in your mind if you picture me trying to take a picture of all that celebrity before us, then you've gotten to know me well. It's a blogger's job to document their experience by any means necessary, but photography was prohibited. (Picture me too rolling my eyes at publicists and putting my camera back in my pocket. LOL.)

Now just as it is in "Flight" and in life, there can be issues. So if your browser won't allow you to view the sound player, click the hyperlink below to the press conference on

Flight Press Conference With Film Cast

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