Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Sparkle's" Jordin Sparks, Mike Epps, & More Share Experience

It's hump day! Seemingly that's nothing to get excited about. BUT it's the Wednesday BEFORE the much anticipated film, "Sparkle," hits theaters this weekend! 

So I should tell you this is NOT a review. Press is on a muzzle clause until it comes out. Why? 'Cause our reviews can sometimes be a profit killer.

But despite our published OPINIONS, errbody and their cousin wants to see the last movie we'll ever see Whitney Houston perform in *sigh*. Yeah, I'm prepared to cry. So, if you're sitting next to me at the theater don't say nothing about the big fat tear rolling down my face when she sings.  Just pass me a tissue and keep watching the movie.

In fact, I hope we turn this into a movie going experience! You know how we do! The old schoolers and church folk will get a little dressed up to head to the theaters.  The rest of us youngsters will head out in whatever as we often do excitedly. It will kind of feel like a family reunion.  Young AND old coming out to support a wonderful movie.

And that's the beauty of it.  Those that remember the original have stories to tell and those that are seeing it for the first time, will have a whole new take on it.  Hopefully, the two generations can and will start a dialogue about music, culture, actors, etc. and really listen to each other.  Think how one generation loved Irene Cara while this generation loves Jordin Sparks.  My generation has the pleasure of experiencing both!

No need to tell you NOT to talk during the movie at the screen.  You already know the actors can't hear you. LOL. But I understand sometimes how you can get caught up and desire to tell characters what to do as if their actions have not been predetermined.  It's just what we do.  It's part of the EXPERIENCE!
So here's a little warm up for this weekend, 2 GREAT interviews. To start here are the lady cast members Jordin Sparks, Carmen Ejogo, and Tika Sumpter.

Now check out this GREAT interview with the men Mike Epps, Derek Luke, and Omari Hardwick. Goodness all that fineness in one little room.  *FAN ME!* But seriously out of all these gorgeous, talented men, I'm looking forward to seeing MIKE EPPS!  He's really coming into his own as a serious actor not just a comedian. 

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Showbiz Up-And-Comer's Guide To Social Media Marketing Part 2

The showbiz game has changed! That's right boys and girls, Hollywood is focusing its lens on the digital and online frontiers, and not just for content anymore.  It's searching online for YOU!  Your social influence and online presence are more important now than they've ever been!  And THAT is why "A Star is Born Online: The Showbiz-And-Comer's Guide to Social Media Marketing" was produced last year. And now Part 2 is available to audiences around the world!

In part one, the basics of social media marketing were covered, including tips for using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.  For many of you, these tools still are not important. You're still thinking a great headshot, winning personality, and talent are all that's needed to get the gig. What most showbiz decision makers AREN'T telling you is that once the audition is over, your social profiles and online influence can impact hiring decisions.

 Part 2 of the Showbiz Up-And-Comer's Guide includes highlights of part 1 and introduces Google+ and Pinterest as tools for showcasing your talent, art, and creativity. Also in part 2, the different kinds of Facebook tools, including ads, and YouTube's new focus are covered.  In case you haven't noticed, YouTube has changed the channel on online video, literally.


So why are your tweets and blog posts more important now as a showbiz up-and-comer? Because, marketing budgets have gotten even tighter in the last few years. Studios and indy filmmakers are seeking less expensive ways to promote projects to various audiences.

Secondly, it ain't about just the big screen anymore people! Mobile and tablet platforms, the second screens, are quickly becoming the first resource of internet access for many audiences. For the last few years, studios have been steadily adapting to this shift and now so should you.

WATCH this interview with United Talent Agency's execs, Brent Weinstein, Head of Digital Media and Eric Kuhn, Head of Social Media, and also quoted in the guides, as they confirm why digital content and social media are now the new "leading stars" in entertainment.

Now you get why I'm pushing for you to become more social savvy as performers and content creators. It's not optionally anymore, it's imperative if you want to stay relevant in this business of show.

So if you've got over at least 1000 twitter followers, several hundreds of YouTube subscribers, or an updated blog with a visible audience that actually comments on your posts, then YOU'VE got a growing, engaged audience and potential influence over them.  That's leverage boys and girls!  Learn how to use it!

"A Star Is Born Online: The Showbiz Up-And-Comer's Guide to Social Media" is produced by Sheer Social, a boutique social media marketing business specializing in entertainment and small business.

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