Friday, April 20, 2012

Think Like A Man: Regina Hall Flirts, Will Packer Adapts, Gary Owen Explains

Regina Hall should you happen to read this, know that you are my shero! This is how you break up the monotony of being asked the same question from a different face every 15 minutes during press interviews! I'd love to know what the interviewer was thinking trying to keep from laughing.

This video is Hi-damn-larious and looks like sooo much fun! Girrrrl you are one brave individual to cut up like this in an press interview! Could there be a start of a romance with any of the cuties from "Think Like A Man"?  Naaaaa....Probably just some sexy fun! But it looks like Kevin was trying to show you from behind that you gon' learn today why you shouldn't mess with him like that!

Folks I'm not even gonna attempt to sell you on going to see this movie. Unless you've been under a rock for the past two months, you've seen the trailers, the posters, the red carpet interviews. Anything I say next would be redundant. You already know what you need or will to do this weekend in regards to supporting this film.

So watch my interview with "Think Like A Man" Producer, Will Packer, at the Pan African Film Festival LA premiere in February, on what it took to adapt the popular how-to book into a romantic comedy.

And listen to Gary explain the challenge of staying in character and not unleashing his brand of comedy during the taping of the film. If you've ever scene Gary do stand up then you know he can put the "F" in "fool." Man he's come a long way since BET Comic View.  Big Ups Gary!


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