Friday, April 20, 2012

7 Reasons to Support Woman Thou Art Loosed: On the 7th Day

In case you haven't heard there's TWO black films audiences can support this weekend--Think Like A Man which opens today and Woman Thou Art Loosed: On the 7th Day which was released last week.  No need to choose one or the other, SEE BOTH.

But being that Woman Thou Art Loosed is an INDEPENDENT FILM, released only through AMC theaters, it could easily become an out of sight out of mind film. I want to make sure that it stays in your mind. Why? For some 7 important reasons:

1. Though marketed to church folk, this film is not your traditional faith based film. It's a little "earthier" than some may be accustomed to which means it's not preachy. However, nothing is in it that didn't happen between the books of Exodus and Revelations so saints can breath easy and go to the theaters.  And for you not-so saintly, yes of course, there's preaching in it briefly by its Executive Producer, Bishop T.D. Jakes, but "On the 7th Day" is a film about faith, not religion. Don't get those two twisted.

2. The cast: Sharon Leal, Blair Underwood, and Pam Grier. They bring the heat literally and figuratively speaking in this film. Not that New Orleans needed any more heat, but these actors really "bring it"! Leal and Underwood portray, David and Cary, a happily married couple whose child gets abducted. During the investigation sins of the past pit the couple against each other, leaving them both vulnerable to temptations.

Grier portrays a kick-ass detective on the case. Can you say Foxy Brown returns with a southern accent, cowboy hat, and a can of whup-ass for anyone standing in her way of finding the child?

3. It's directed by a woman, an industry veteran, Neema Barnett. Theaters don't generally get a lot of films directed by women, much less women of color. There's no point in placing blame, our energies can be better spent supporting this filmmaking effort by going to the theater to see it with friends.

4. Though Barnett directed it, Underwood has integral roles in front of and behind the camera as a producer and assistant director. That may be odd on a major studio flick, but in the indy world, talents are put in where they fit in; it's a more of a collaborative effort.

5. Overall it's a good film, but not perfect. It has some flaws in the area of camera production and story points in my opinion,  BUT these missteps don't take away from enjoying "On the 7th Day" overall. The strong acting and great story will help you look beyond its faults and feel the need of this couple desperate to find their daughter.

6. Woman Thou Art Loosed : On the 7th Day is only playing in AMC Theaters on a limited number of screens. If it does well at the box office, AMC will release it to more theaters throughout the country. So the actors, producers, director, etc have done their part, now it's time to do ours.

7. And lastly, taken directly from today's news this film also brings to the forefront of our minds the thousands of missing African-American children who never return home, whose cases are still open, and whose families are living with the loss for real. To gain more insight about that visit

Before you head out to the show, watch actress Sharon Leal discuss her role in the film, shooting in New Orleans, and working with Blair Underwood in this interview conducted by AMC.


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