Monday, January 16, 2012

Celebrity Personal Trainer, Tony Martinez, Talks Weight Loss Tips & Janet Jackson

January...February. The scene is set in Hollywood for a marathon of televised award shows, red carpet appearances, interviews, and after parties.  It's also the time when looking good from every angle without the help of filtered lighting and "fixing it in post" is necessary. And that's where the talents of celebrity fitness trainer, Tony Martinez, come into play behind the scenes.

He's whipped into shape Britney Spears, Pink, Steve Harvey, the Jonas Brothas, LA's Sheriff SWAT, and of course, Janet Jackson. So I asked Tony to reveal a few of his fitness tips he shares with clients when they have to shed pounds quickly for cameras and flashing lights.  His "trickeration" as he calls it, will not only work for celebs but for anyone seeking to loose a few pounds in a short amount of time.

And yes, we discuss Janet--the woman who puts the "D" in "discipline" and how his philosophy on working out less but more intelligently has been so effective with her.  You'll hear also in our chat why even he likes NutriSystem as a part of his personal fitness lifestyle. So get ready to workout smarter in 2012!

Oh but before you press play below, look at Tony in the including photo above. Can you say DELTOIDS! FELLAS do you want sexy shoulders like that? I looked out for you and asked Tony what exercises work specifically for YOU FELLAS to help you look better on the red carpet and in your tank tops this summer!

Want even more fitness and workout tips, visit Tony's website, and ask him your burning exercise and nutrition questions.


Cali-Dreaming said...

Wow - I had no idea there was a legit way to drop those pesky couple pounds so fast!

SunshineBaby said...

Great idea - I mean, who doesn't want to lose those last 5-7 pounds and you never have enough time to lose weight anyway.

Abbey Rhodes said...

Hmmm...I could watch and listen to him all day long!

weight loss clinics said...

Nice topic! Still Nothing beats the old tried and true way to weightloss… Healthy , balanced diet and exercise.

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