Wednesday, October 19, 2011

An Apology Blog: I've Cheated On You

I know you're mad dear blog. I hear Anita crooning "Been So Long" in the background. Yes, it's been too long since I've written even looked at this space. How could I be so neglectful? Honestly, I have no defense! It's not like you aren't on my mind a lot. It's just life has pulled me in another direction. Sheer Social, my other social media boo has taken up all of my attention.

It has needs and I know you do too, but Sheer Social's needs take care of my immediate needs. Something of which I've never tried hard to do with you because our relationship was never about money. This is my confession.

Yes Sheer is younger but not as big. Stop smiling! You've got a big ego but not big enough to keep all my attention. The affair started back in January. Yes, that long ago and at first it was a casual thing--just another virtual boo on the side. But then things got serious and serious fast. I'm no two-timer, generally, but in this case I thought I could handle both of you at the same time. I do it well when I'm on the dance floor, but I guess the same principles don't apply. So I'm sorry, dear blog, I've found another computer love.

Truly, it's not that I don't love you. I do and have for nearly five years, but now it's time for you to let others fulfill your content needs. I'll even help you find them when I have time. When will that be? Well, that's hard to say 'cause right now Sheer Social is blowing up my phone and that's a good thing. You'll never see it that way, but trust me it is.

So I must go! Yes, right now! I promise I'll be back to finish this discussion because you are so important to me. And I'll never just leave you. We will work this out just not today, probably not tomorrow either. November looks promising. I apologize. I promise I'll be back!

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