Monday, May 30, 2011

Jennifer Hudson To Bossip, "I Want An Apology!" Will She Get it?

Here we go again! Laawd, I'm telling you these gossip blogs are gonna piss the wrong celebrity off one of these days and really get ish snatched right out of blogsphere! This time multiple award-winning singer and actress, Jennifer Hudson, has called one of them out! "Them" being gossip blog, Bossip. (If you think I'm putting a link to them or what they posted on this blog, you're outta your damn mind!)

As the story goes, Bossip claimed Hudson couldn't get a book deal because publishers weren't interested in her weight loss story. Instead they wanted to profit from the tragic details of the murder of her family members.

Now, I specifically remembering seeing that headline recently on Twitter, NOT from Bossip but another pseudo entertainment news profile I follow on Twitter. I say "pseudo" cause she's never original and even tweeted the info in one of posts as her own. Why follow her? Cause if it happens again, she'll get more than a nice/nasty tweet from me! Hollywood As I Live & Work don't play that! ANYWAY!....

Bossip claimed Hudson has been trying for four years to tell her slimming down story and wanted a "fortune"--basically a million--but no one was interested. So what was their source of information? A so-called celebrity "insider" or anonymous publisher?

Hudson fired back via her Twitter profile, "Y would take someone's tragedy and build a story of nothing but lies around it...F***K You! See her tweets below!

Get in their asses Jennifer is my response! Seemingly now the blog wants to back pedal with some old, "She misunderstood it!" Yeah right! Hopefully, Hudson's lawyers shook them up a bit and threatened to make the editors come out of hiding. Now wouldn't THAT be something!

Truly, I hope she sues! Why? Look at just this snap shot below of tweeters posting Bossip's side of the story. That's just a small sample! Damn shame! But that's the nature of the business online. Once it's out there's no getting it back. And if Bossip's story does damage Hudson's chances of getting the book deal she wants, she should sue! Not to mention, these gossip blogs have become synonymous with blogs in general. And it's making us look bad to the point I sometimes hesitate to inform people I am an entertainment blogger.

For now, they'll leave her alone, pucker up and promote her album like it never happened! An apology...I don't see it. But hopefully, Hudson's huge fan base will rally around her online and tweet, facebook, blog her side of this issue. Commenting on Bossip's site only feeds it even more traffic which the owner(s) will use to influence marketers and gain advertisers. Instead comment HERE! LOL. I'll use your statements for good!

Truly, if social media isn't good for anything else, it's PERFECT for rallying support around a cause! So visit Jennifer Hudson's official website and follow her on Twitter at IAMJHUD! Give HER sites and social profiles the traffic!

A Memorial Day Message: This Time, Produced by Reagan Gomez

I literally just saw this great film short thanks to Twitter and wanted to share it. It's quite fitting for today, Memorial Day. It's called, "This Time", written and produced by actress, Reagan Gomez ("The Cleveland Show", "The Parent 'Hood") and directed by Matthew Cherry, a young filmmaker you should definitely be on the lookout for.

So as you enjoy your BBQ's, visits to the beach and the park, take a moment to remember the true purpose of this holiday--to pay tribute to those who have sacrificed their lives for our country. And keep our soldiers' families in mind too as you spend precious time with your loved ones today. Press play and tell me if you were as moved as I was after seeing this film.

Gracie Awards 2011: Shaun Robinson, Linda Ellerbee Receive Honors

You've heard of the Grammy Awards, Billboard, Tony, and of course the Academy Awards, but what about the Gracie Awards? It's a major annual awards presentation produced by Women in Media Foundation that will air on the Hallmark Movie Channel, August 8th, 2011. Mark the date!

Yes, it's still a man's world when it comes to showbiz but there are plenty of very influential women in the entertainment game who as Beyonce would say, "Run The World." The Gracies pays tribute to those women and those who create "exemplary programming for women, by women, and about women in all facets of media." This year's event was held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

This event's most prestigious honor, the Tribute Award, was given to award winning, veteran journalist, producer, and best selling author, Linda Ellerbee. Her career spans over 20 years in broadcast news and television as a host, reporter, anchor, and producer for various major networks. The Tribute Award is only given to trailblazers like her who have laid the foundation for generations of women in media.

And receiving the event's other high distinction, Dove's Real Beauty Award, was "Access Hollywood's", Shaun Robinson, for her "embodiment and expression of the substance and spirit of real beauty in her life and career."

Notably, Robinson is a strong supporter of programs empowering young women. She is a board member of Girls, Inc., a youth organization, and the author of "Exactly As I Am", a book about building self-esteem in young girls. Listen to her being interviewed on the red carpet!

And see more red carpet interviews with celebrity attendees including honoree, Linda Ellerbee, Meredith Viera, Sharon Leal, Chelsea Handler, and Kimberly Locke.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beyonce's Run The World: The New Female Anthem?

Can we still call Beyonce "Sasha Fierce" or is that so 2009? I ask 'cause this new video, "Run The World" reminds me of Sasha--all attitude and FIERCEness (finger snap)! It's a new girl power anthem and is the best answer to the question, "Do the ladies run this motherf....r?" Oh yeah, the clubs are gonna bang this!

The video is a "Beyond Thunderdome" slash "California Knows How To Party" throwback for you old enough to remember those videos. I love the choreography--a little Jamaican dance hall sexy mixed with technical moves to keep it interesting enough to attempt at the club, but unless your a pro dancer or close, you probably won't look as good doing it without hours of rehearsal. But you'll have fun trying!

Now about the music, the ear raising track sounds familiar! Isn't Estelle's "I Can Be A Freak" the same track? How'd that happen? Anyhoo, enjoy the video folk! I got some running of the world to do! What say you on Beyonce's new song and video?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Teach Me How To Dougie Rapper Killed In Inglewood


INGLEWOOD, Calif. (KABC) -- An investigation is under way after a local rapper was shot to death in a drive-by shooting in Inglewood on Sunday night.

Authorities responded to the 400 block of N. La Brea Avenue at 10:32 p.m. and found a man inside a black vehicle with two gunshot wounds to his head. He was rushed to a local hospital, where he was declared dead.

The victim was identified as Mante Ray Talbert, a 22-year-old from Hawthorne. Talbert was known as M-Bone of the Southern California rap group Cali Swag District. The group became famous for the song "Teach Me How to Dougie."

Police said the suspect pulled almost adjacent to the victim, who was seated in his car, pointed a gun out of the window and fired multiple shots.

A motive for the shooting has not been determined. Anyone with information is urged to call (888) 41-CRIME.


What in the world is going in LA these days! From the veteran industry publicist, to the recent MTV Production Coordinator, now this young rapper, and to everyone in between! For those of us living here, Los Angeles and that includes Hollywood, is becoming the wild, wild, west! But why?

Or is LA, and that includes Hollywood, just like other cities across the country? Police Dept. budgets get cut and crimes rise. Maybe I'm just super-sensitive to my personal surroundings, but it appears I need to be. Think I'll be Dougie-ing from the comforts of home for a while.

Below is the "Teach Me How To Dougie" video! R.I.P. Mante Ray Talbert. Condolences to the family, friends, and fans.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Actor Clifton Powell, "I Don't Like Spike Lee, He's A Hater!"

This is interesting...just goes to show not EVERYBODY in the industry is carrying a pro Spike Lee flag. Again, people, NOT ONE BLACK FILMMAKER is perfect! They are artists not messiahs of black culture! So let he or she moviemaker without sin in black filmmaking throw the first stone!

Since nobody can pick up a pebble in this game of showbiz, let's kick rocks and stop acting like we as black folk are all one monolithic group! Even our ancestors were tribal, and different tribes like and do different things--even at the movies! Still, we CAN all get along!

That said, if you have a comment or thought after hearing Powell's words, share it with me!

Daaamn Powell! How do you really feel? LOL

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Jumping The Broom! 4 Good Reasons To Support it!

Now that the W.E.B. Dubios and Booker T. Washington debate in black filmmaking is old news AGAIN, let's get together and feel alright! "Jumping The Broom" caters to both audiences, those with an elite celluloid palette for film noire--NO, THAT genre of films, the other black films--and those of you, like myself, that aren't afraid to laugh in public at some ghetto foolishness while often over intellectualizing why we as black audiences like what we do.

And ironically, the timing of the release of Salim Akil's "Jumping The Broom" couldn't be any better! Yes, it's a great movie for Mother's day, but considering the Tyler versus Spike discussion, this film proves that blue collar (sometimes deemed "ghetto") and white collar do exist together in one big, messy family and in one movie going audience.
Truly, regardless of the collar color, the flesh in it is still black, so all this heated debate is just divide and conquer. At the end of the day someone OUTSIDE the culture is making more money than any one black filmmaker as we fight amongst ourselves about his or her vision and direction. Marinate on that a minute, then continue reading.

We as black audiences can't continue CLAIMING we want better representation of our cultural experiences on the big screen, then not support them FINANCIALLY. Our ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN ANY WORDS on blogs, forums, tweets, and Facebook! And filmmakers like Salim Akil and Bishop T.D. Jakes are relying on our ACTIONS to make this type of film PROFITABLE in theaters so they can continue making them.

Here's 3 more reasons to see "Jumping the Broom":

1. The Cast! This film has a GREAT mix of our older favorites and newer talent. Romeo for instance is really coming into his own as a well rounded entertainer. And yes, that is a cougar you hearing purring as I type! *wink*

And anytime Angela Basset and Loretta Devine are together in a scene, don't you want to see it? Well, "Bernadette" and "Gloria" are together once more making movie scenes memorable again in "Jumping The Broom"! AND NOT TO BE OVERLOOKED is one my favorite tv sitcom scene stealers, VALERIE PETTIFORD! Man! They should've never canceled "Half & Half"! Y'all know the mamas kept us watching!

And I can't forget the handsome funny men! Mike Epps and DeRay Davis! They might bring light skin back to the big screen as successful comedic actors! And in this film they get to have range. These guys have been really honing their acting chops over the last couple of years, so when the laughter stops, they no longer have to exit the scene.

2. I'm a sucker for a good love story! But this film isn't a girly movie, it's family entertainment! And I especially like it when a good love story is combined with a good underlying plot involving family secrets. We all love a "Young & The Restless" twist and "Jumping The Broom" definitely provides that!

3. Overall, it's just a pretty movie! Sheer escapism visually! Pretty people, pretty sets and locations. Who doesn't like to look at pretty things? KUDOS to the director, SALIM AKIL, and screenwriters, ELIZABETH HUNTER and ARLENE GIBBS on giving audiences a good balance of all the elements that make films worth going to see.

Lastly, if you see it, let me know here on the blog what you thought about it. Yes, some of the filmmakers and actors I write about actually read the blog, something of which I was reminded of recently. Now, don't allow that to keep you from speaking your mind! Feedback is a good thing in this creative environment!

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