Friday, April 22, 2011

Cornwell West: A Dialogue of Love For Spike Lee & Tyler Perry

Thank you Jamal Finkley for sharing this on Facebook this morning! Dr. Cornell West to me is like E.F. Hutton was back in 80's commercials. When West talks, I listen, and I suggest we all do the same on this great debate between Tyler Perry and Spike Lee. Roll the video, LISTEN, and LEARN!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

2011 Janet Jackson Flash Mob, Universal CityWalk

The Place: Universal CityWalk
The Occasion: Pay Tribute to Janet Jackson and her Up Close & Personal Tour
The Event: A Flash Mob produced by Flash Mob of America. Check them out after the videos!

See the performance and meet my FAV Flash Mob dancer. Cab Calloway zoot suit meets Bobby Brown's "Every Little Step" Hammer pants, pimp hat, and spats...Mr. John Edwards was GETTING IT IN!!!! Gave the youngun's a run for the money. I had to interview him! Dude was sho 'nuff "Alright With Me!"

If you follow this blog, then you know this is not the first time, LA Flash Mob has paid tribute to Ms. Jackson. In fact, I too had planned to be a "Mobber" but scheduling just wouldn't permit making it to rehearsals. So instead, I pointed my lens toward the organizers and dedicated Janet fans. Watch the throwback videos!




Saturday, April 16, 2011

Janet Jackson"True You" Book Signing at LA's Book Soup

Janet Jackson came, she saw, she conquered! So what's new, right? Lol. To fans she slays onstage, as the "kids" say, and yesterday at her "True You" book signing she did it offstage with a Sharpie and a smile. Squeezed between close walls and high book shelves, Sunset Strip bookstore, Book Soup, hosted the event. But though the spot was small, Janet's big smile and expressive eyes put "True You" buyers at ease...well, not all of them.

Having anxiously waited all morning and a good part of the afternoon in the LA heat for Janet to arrive, some fans literally let loose in her presence, while others waited until they got outside to vent their joy at meeting their "Queen". Grown men openly wept or danced while one excited woman literally screamed to the Hollywood Hills. One passing by may have thought a tent revival was occurring, but in the presence of Janet, it's a known fact that even the non-religious often have a "religious" experience.

Since we the press had to wait for Janet too, I turned my lens as I always do to the fans. "Light-skin, dark-skin, the Asian persuasion..." Janet's got them all and I talked to many of them about "True You" and its impact. What they shared was enlightening but also a testament as to why "True You" is a NY Times best-seller. So watch the video and leave a comment!

If you've read the book or attended a show, give me some "Feedback"!

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