Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Janet Jackson's New Gig: NutriSystem Spokesperson?

Start spreading the news! Janet Jackson is reportedly lending that familiar mega-watt smile and much talked about body to NutriSystem, the food regiment that "offers weight loss programs delivered right to your door." And that convenience is probably one of the reasons the "Pleasure Principle" singer/actress/author/producer chose it. Who has time or desire to wait for a healthy meal when you're entertaining the world on a highly successful 80-something city tour?

Check the January issue of "Shape" Magazine to see Janet give a little more detail on her choice NutriSystem. And be sure to see Janet on "Good Morning America," "The Insider", and "Access Hollywood" this week probably making the big announcement to the world.  I suspect too, based on the pic above with Shaun Robinson, some mention of another book and upcoming film projects--one of which involves music.  That's all I'm going to say for now! 

*Janet voice* Chicka-ahhhhh!


Now here's why Janet Jackson gets much respect here on Hollywood As I Live & Work: She does care about folk and gives BACK!  In fact, thanks to her new partnership with NutriSystem she'll be distributing food to the hungry through a food bank they're calling "Nutribank", according to the "NY Times." Talk about going back to her charitable roots!

In previous interviews, Janet's mentioned feeding the hungry on a smaller scale with Mike as a kid. It appears some things just stick with you, and in this case, that's a really good thing.

For every pound lost by NutriSystem participants, the company is donating $1 worth of food to Nutribank. A whopping $10 million worth has already been donated for 2012.

Now THAT's how you use celebrity! And it wouldn't surprise me at all if the petite philanthropic super star actually delivered some of those meals in person.  By the time some realize she was in their presence, she'll be on to the next one.


SweetLisa said...

Definitely loving the charitable element to Janet's endorsement of NutriSystem. It's always good to see someone who made it good giving back to their community!

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