Monday, September 19, 2011

W.P. Miller Celebrity Event Planner: Producing Robi Reeds Summer Celebration

Photos: Maury L. Phillips,

Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated events of the year in black Hollywood is Robi Reed's annual End of Summer Celebration benefiting the Black AIDS Institute. Every year she throws an elaborate soiree complete with great performances, an abundance of food and drink, and of course celebrities at every level of the alphabet. In fact, the invited guest list reads like a BET Awards show rundown! So for those in attendance its an opportunity network with some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

But this year, Reed's focus was less on menus and table arrangements and more on the original goal of her annual End of Summer Celebration--providing funding to the Black AIDS Institute.  To quote radio broadcaster, Tom Joyner, it's "a party with a purpose!" And helping to bring her purpose and vision into focus for guests was celebrity event planner, William P. Miller of W.P. Miller Special Events.

It's said, "behind every great man is a great woman." I'd like to change that to "behind every great celebrity event is a great event planner." William P. Miller holds that distinction! Just ask clients Robi Reed, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Mira Sorvino, or E! Entertainment or even local nonprofit, A Place Called Home.

So just what did it take to make Robi Reed's End of Summer Celebration a success? How was the seriousness of AIDS awareness and fundraising made fun for attendees? And why was the location so important? I asked those questions and more in a recent telephone interview with Miller, whose been featured in "Ebony", "People Magazine", "Instyle Weddings" and more.

Watch and listen to the interview below to hear his answers to my questions and learn how Miller added his own special brand of "organized chaos" to bring about a wonderful Robi Reed End of Summer Celebration.

And lastly for you budding event planners, if you're wondering how to make YOUR dream of becoming a celebrity event planner a reality, Miller suggests these 3 things:

1. VOLUNTEER at various events. BE A SPONGE and soak up tips, details, and strategy from those who are already doing it as you work.  And don't forget to NETWORK!

2. GET A MENTOR.  Getting sage advice from someone that has established themselves in the field is crucial in the learning process.

3. PUT YOUR CLIENT FIRST.  As an event planner, your job is to bring the CLIENT'S vision to life on both the creative and logistics level, not just your own. Remember, it's not about pleasing you and your ego; it's about pleasing the client.

Just press play then after sharing a comment be sure to visit WP Miller Special Events online to learn more about his work and clients.


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