Monday, September 12, 2011

Bobbi Kristina Sings Adele's "Someone Like You" & Whitney's Set To "Sparkle"


It appears the vocal apple hasn't fallen far at all from the tree! In the  video below uploaded this past weekend on YouTube, Whitney and Bobby's daughter, Bobby Kristina, shows off her natural talent. In the vid she sings Adele's "Someone Like You" pretty effortlessly. Quick! Somebody call Clive Davis before the young lady gets snatched up! Nevermind...I think I hear Whitney calling in the background telling her to get off the computer! LOL. I suspect Whitney's got this budding talent on lock right now...Let's hope so at least!

 Speaking of Whitney Houston, she's heading back to acting! She's been added to the cast of the upcoming "Sparkle" remake. Whitney, Mike Epps, and "American Idol's" Jordin Sparks are all set to appear in the Sony flick. According to Variety, Whitney's old producing partner, Debra Martin Chase, Bishop TD Jakes, Curtis Wallace, AND Mara Brock and Salim Akil are all producing. Whitney will executive produce. That's a lot of heavy hitters behind the scenes. Talk about great expectations!

Now back to the video! Think Bobby Kristina's got the raw talent needed to be a star even without the family hookup? How much you wanna bet she'll end up in "Sparkle" since mom's executive producing? I for one think this young lady has the potential to become more than a gossip blog headline!


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