Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Merge Summit 2011 Opening Night Reception

Merge posterFounders Robi Reed, Dr. Holly CarterFounders Robi Reed, Dr. Holly CarterKevin Frasier, Wendy Rachel-RobinsonKevin Frasier, Wendy Rachel-RobinsoMe and Robi Reed
Me and Norwood Young

"Oh God!" "Thank You Jesus!" "Hallelujah!" "John 3:16" "I'm Saved!" You've probably said or heard these phrases in a church or religious setting, but such open expressions of religious faith are often frowned upon in entertainment circles unless a film or show is being made about it.

Thank God, and I mean that literally, BET's Casting exec and Dr. Holly Carter have created an entertainment conference where it's okay to be open about your faith. The Merge Summit integrates Christianity and entertainment, education, and inspiration into one busy weekend full of activities.

This year's 3rd Annual Merge Summit features panels, workshops, and even performances by new and established Christian talent. I attended the opening night reception, complete with red carpet arrivals, celebrity interviews, press, and of course eager entertainers--actors, singers, dancers, and musicians. But the room was also full of producers, directors, managers, and publicists. Hosted by "The Insider's" Kevin Frazier and "The Game's" Wendy Raquel Robinson, it was a great way to kick off the inspirational weekend.

To learn more visit The Merge Summit official website.


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