Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jill Scott's Summer Block Party


When the Grammy Award winning singer, poet, actress, lingerie designing Jill Scott proclaims that she's magnificent, believe it! Indeed, she's a queen on her thrown and at last night's Summer Block Party in LA, the queen and her musical court of some of Hip Hop and R&B's finest gave us a "Block Party" like only true royals could do.

Anthony Hamilton, Mint Condition, Jazzy Jeff, Doug E. Fresh, and even an impromptu performance by MC Lyte...what else do I need to say? Were in the presence of R&B royalties including the legendary Natalie Cole who was in the audience.

Jill was all bedazzlement from head to toe! Fierce hair, sparkling, form fitting outfit that complemented figure, and some banging blinged out, there's-no-place-like home, high heel shoes. Even the stranger next to me remarked, "She looks amazing!"

The show was da da damn chain...da bomb...say it how you feel it! But if you missed it, YouTube clips won't do it justice. You had to be there amongst the grown and sexy dancing and screaming. As for me, I was doing old school dances, singing off key, straight getting it IN with no pretense of what I came there to do! PARTY! Ayyyyye-ooooh! Aiiiiiight!

Then after the show, I was invited backstage to do the "Hollywood" thing...chitchat, take pics, pass a few business cards. I had no business cards and wasn't really camera ready as you'll see--no make up on whatsoever. That was not by design, I simply didn't have time to apply it. LOL But who damn cares! My purpose was served, my cup was full, spirits were lifted, and as I type this blog out, I'm still on a natural high from the show. Last night was simply GOLDEN, GOLDEN, GOLDEN!


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