Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thandie Newton Speaks Race, Self-Identity, & Acting at TED 2011


I literally just saw this on Facebook and just wanted to share it here. Why? I have a huge respect for Thandie Newton's work as an actress. I'm still in awe of her performance in Oprah's "Beloved." And having seen the video below, I now have a greater respect for her as a person. In this video is not an actress, but a woman sharing her journey to becoming aware of her true "self" and her definition of it.

And yes, I do relate to a lot of what she's saying. Living up to the others' perceptions of your "self" can cause a world of confusion and frustration. I've evolved enough to admit that sometimes we get too damn caught up in what "Black" or "White" or other racial description is supposed to be, never allowing individuals to just "be." Thus our true selves never surface, never have a chance to exist. As Newton states the notion of race was created by people, and no, I'm not going to waste time pointing fingers.

Take a few moments and listen to her address the TED 2011 conference audience. For those of you unfamiliar with, it's a wonderful site that features videos of speeches, lectures, and presentations from some of the best in the world of business, entertainment, science, self-development, and technology. It's a GREAT source of information and inspiration.


Zana said...

Thandie Newton is such an aspiring woman. Kudos to her!

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