Thursday, July 07, 2011

Film Review: Attack The Block! Alienz-N-The Hood 2011

The block is hot! But THIS time it has nothing to do with the "po-po" patrolling the neighborhood! No, in this case the block is hot and should get hotter July 29th, when Sony/Screen Gems releases London sci-fi action flick, "Attack The Block", to US audiences.

Set in an "urban" neighborhood of London, a housing project--yes, there's one in every city, every country--is attacked by aliens. I know what you're thinking, and no they were NOT in search of intelligent life forms! But in the same area are wayward teen boys in search of easy cash. During their "search" they get an unexpected introduction to alien life forms. A little "skirmish" between the leader of the pack and the alien leads the rest of extraterrestrials right to their front door literally.

That leader of the pack is Moses, portrayed by John Boyega, a new "Denzelian" (my word) actor in swagger and appearance. Appropriately named for his role, Moses, and his unruly bredren take on these aliens with extreme prejudice to save their residence! With swords, bats, knives, and firecrackers....these boys are ready to romp!

But "Attack The Block" isn't all alien chases, suspense and violence, there are scenes of pure comedy too. Two "weed heads" aid the boys in their fight, but these dudes are so high their efforts are quite laughable in the thick of the action. Add to that some of the comical antics of the boys themselves and you've got a fun adventure that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

One particular standout element of the film is its casting. Though Moses is definitely the ring leader, each of his "fam" bring something unique to the collective. Thus, the young actors portraying these characters are equally as engaging as Boyega. Kudos to first time director, Joe Cornish, for finding such new talents and using them well on screen in "Attack The Block."

So should you avoid the theaters while the "block is hot?" NO! I genuinely liked this film with its Hip Hop and London patios flavor. Young and older audiences alike can find something in this film to like. There's even an underlying theme of redemption that audiences will relate to. That said, become a "blockhead", hit the streets, and head to your local theaters July 29th for the release of "Attack the Block!"

In the meantime see my interview with charming lead actor, John Boyega, from the film!


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