Saturday, July 02, 2011

35 And Ticking: Russ Parr Sets A Timer On Love & Marriage

It's fourth of July weekend and you probably don't have a lot of time to spare. But I'd be remiss if I didn't take a moment or two and help support "35 AND TICKING" which opens in theaters THIS WEEKEND.

Admittedly, this post appears long due to the blog format but please READ and COMMENT anyway! Here's TWO (2) reasons WE need to support Russ Parr's "35 And Ticking".

1. GREAT CAST WITH A UNIVERSAL STORY: It's got romance, drama, laughter, and great acting! It's above "parr"--pun intended! So BLACK FOLK stop complaining about the films that misrepresent you, then keep your asses at home when film's like "35 And Ticking" hit the theaters! You want empowerment? Well that ain't given, it's GAINED by SUPPORTING BLACK BUSINESSES FINANCIALLY including black filmmaking.

In the film the ensemble cast of four friends (Nicole Ari Parker, Tamala Jones, Kevin Heart, and Keith Robinson) make you evaluate what's really important in, friends, kids, or career? For you that need a cinematic reference, think "The Best Man" and the first "Why Did I Get Married?"

But in "35" two married friends, Victoria and Phil (Tamala and Keith respectively), are forced to accept that what God had joined, husbands and wives can put asunder. And while one single friend, Zenobia (Nicole), hilariously looks for love in too many faces including those on the internet, the other, Clevon (Kevin), falls in love at first sight. But there's no romance without finance, and he may have to make a "hard" sacrifice to keep this new love in his life.

CHURCH FOLK, I promise, YOU can enjoy this movie too. There won't be anything to repent except maybe laughing at Kevin Hart arriving for "work" and receiving the needed "tools" for the job "at hand." But I promise even the Spirit has a sense of humor and loves a good ending. God loveth a cheerful giver, and so do filmmakers. But don't spend your tithe at the box office, sacrifice that after service meal money on a movie ticket instead.

NON-BLACK PEOPLE, and especially WHITE PEOPLE "35 And Ticking" deserves your SUPPORT IN A THEATER too! But the research YOUR peers conducted have shown, YOU avoid predominantly black cast films, especially dramas, because: 1. YOU fear you're gonna get blamed AGAIN for the social ills of black people and 2. You dissociate! None of the cast is featured in People Mag, nor on, nor made a televised Oscar acceptance speech, so YOU are pretty certain the story will be unrelatable to your life.

I promise the story of "35 and Ticking" is so universal, you could easily switch out the characters' race with any other and still find something to relate to. This film is about marriage, relationships, expectations, and love; it's NOT ABOUT black people and culture, though it uses some elements of culture to tell the story.

And to further keep it real, black folks support the hell out of predominantly white movies regardless of genre--as studios know--SO RETURN THE EFFORT sometimes! Yes, you may have to go neighborhoods you don't frequently visit, but see it as an educational experiment. Maybe you can get bused in?

2. GREAT COLLABORATIVE EFFORT: "35 And Ticking" is a COLLABORATION of many talented artists and entertainers! Some of the actors in this film are also the PRODUCERS and EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS! And I believe they REALLY put in the work and their money! Why? Check the YouTube videos of the making of the film. Secondly, the production value is high despite the small budget, which generally means the cast and crew pooled their resources together to get this high quality film made and into theaters for us to see.

If nothing else you have to respect the work put into making good films like "35 And Ticking." How do you do that? BUY TICKETS, bring your friends and family, EMAIL, TWEET, FACEBOOK, BLOG, about it! Visit the official website for theaters near you playing the film.

Yes, there's major competition for your dollar and attention, but those "35 And Ticking" don't need internet technology to help them discern where their money and time is NEEDED at the box office this weekend. Nope, that generation, my generation learned from the ones before it to support what supports you, especially when it's worthy and it's good!


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