Saturday, June 04, 2011

Hawthorne's Christine: Best Depiction of Black Women on TV Now?

With so much online and offline chatter about black women on tv, from the harsh, pseudo reality show divas to the new scripted single women hunting for love in all the wrong places, I had almost forgotten there's still a few black female characters on television that most would agree are a more balanced representation-- one being the character of Christine Hawthorne on the TNT's, "Hawthorne", portrayed by none other than Jada Pinkett Smith.

Now, of course some of you "meanies" may scratch Christine off the list too for dating outside the race, but hey love sees no color on cable tv, especially when ratings and advertisers are involved! HA! And this new third season of "Hawthorne" appears to be a ratings booster thanks to a wedding and a multi-racial love triangle. Enter cop Rick Doneta portrayed by singer turned actor, Marc Anthony! And AFTER you finish reading this post, check out the recap of Season 2 to see what led up to the images from the new season below.

As you see Christine is getting married to cutie pie doctor, Tom Wakefied (Michael Vartan)! But what the TV lord put together, one man could put asunder. And that's not really bad bloating filling out the wedding dress. Christine's pregnant in Season 3! Now that's some good ol' soap opera drama right there! So set your DVRs for June 14th 10pm/9c on TNT so you won't miss a thing!

So, if you watch "Hawthorne" what are you looking forward to this upcoming season? And do you agree Christine, as a character, is a needed break from the overly hyped reality show black women and the scripted attention starved ones? Share your thoughts!


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

OK, what?! I watched the first season but somehow the show fell off my radar. They got married? They were just friends when I watched lol. I can see them being good for each other though. They are both super attractive, in fact, I did see an ad the other day and it made me think of selecting Michael Vartan as my "Man Candy" for next Monday :) said...

Ok why does the term "man candy" make me laugh and think of "candy canes". LOL! You know in tv land things have to sped up 'cause ppl get bored. Anyhoo, Marc Anthony as a love interest is interesting, but I'd woulda preferred one of the guys on your man candy list...guess cause I see him more as a singer, not an actor. Regardless, they wouldn't have cast him if he couldn't pull his acting weight. Thanks for commenting!

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