Monday, May 30, 2011

Jennifer Hudson To Bossip, "I Want An Apology!" Will She Get it?

Here we go again! Laawd, I'm telling you these gossip blogs are gonna piss the wrong celebrity off one of these days and really get ish snatched right out of blogsphere! This time multiple award-winning singer and actress, Jennifer Hudson, has called one of them out! "Them" being gossip blog, Bossip. (If you think I'm putting a link to them or what they posted on this blog, you're outta your damn mind!)

As the story goes, Bossip claimed Hudson couldn't get a book deal because publishers weren't interested in her weight loss story. Instead they wanted to profit from the tragic details of the murder of her family members.

Now, I specifically remembering seeing that headline recently on Twitter, NOT from Bossip but another pseudo entertainment news profile I follow on Twitter. I say "pseudo" cause she's never original and even tweeted the info in one of posts as her own. Why follow her? Cause if it happens again, she'll get more than a nice/nasty tweet from me! Hollywood As I Live & Work don't play that! ANYWAY!....

Bossip claimed Hudson has been trying for four years to tell her slimming down story and wanted a "fortune"--basically a million--but no one was interested. So what was their source of information? A so-called celebrity "insider" or anonymous publisher?

Hudson fired back via her Twitter profile, "Y would take someone's tragedy and build a story of nothing but lies around it...F***K You! See her tweets below!

Get in their asses Jennifer is my response! Seemingly now the blog wants to back pedal with some old, "She misunderstood it!" Yeah right! Hopefully, Hudson's lawyers shook them up a bit and threatened to make the editors come out of hiding. Now wouldn't THAT be something!

Truly, I hope she sues! Why? Look at just this snap shot below of tweeters posting Bossip's side of the story. That's just a small sample! Damn shame! But that's the nature of the business online. Once it's out there's no getting it back. And if Bossip's story does damage Hudson's chances of getting the book deal she wants, she should sue! Not to mention, these gossip blogs have become synonymous with blogs in general. And it's making us look bad to the point I sometimes hesitate to inform people I am an entertainment blogger.

For now, they'll leave her alone, pucker up and promote her album like it never happened! An apology...I don't see it. But hopefully, Hudson's huge fan base will rally around her online and tweet, facebook, blog her side of this issue. Commenting on Bossip's site only feeds it even more traffic which the owner(s) will use to influence marketers and gain advertisers. Instead comment HERE! LOL. I'll use your statements for good!

Truly, if social media isn't good for anything else, it's PERFECT for rallying support around a cause! So visit Jennifer Hudson's official website and follow her on Twitter at IAMJHUD! Give HER sites and social profiles the traffic!


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