Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beyonce's Run The World: The New Female Anthem?

Can we still call Beyonce "Sasha Fierce" or is that so 2009? I ask 'cause this new video, "Run The World" reminds me of Sasha--all attitude and FIERCEness (finger snap)! It's a new girl power anthem and is the best answer to the question, "Do the ladies run this motherf....r?" Oh yeah, the clubs are gonna bang this!

The video is a "Beyond Thunderdome" slash "California Knows How To Party" throwback for you old enough to remember those videos. I love the choreography--a little Jamaican dance hall sexy mixed with technical moves to keep it interesting enough to attempt at the club, but unless your a pro dancer or close, you probably won't look as good doing it without hours of rehearsal. But you'll have fun trying!

Now about the music, the ear raising track sounds familiar! Isn't Estelle's "I Can Be A Freak" the same track? How'd that happen? Anyhoo, enjoy the video folk! I got some running of the world to do! What say you on Beyonce's new song and video?


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