Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Actor Clifton Powell, "I Don't Like Spike Lee, He's A Hater!"

This is interesting...just goes to show not EVERYBODY in the industry is carrying a pro Spike Lee flag. Again, people, NOT ONE BLACK FILMMAKER is perfect! They are artists not messiahs of black culture! So let he or she moviemaker without sin in black filmmaking throw the first stone!

Since nobody can pick up a pebble in this game of showbiz, let's kick rocks and stop acting like we as black folk are all one monolithic group! Even our ancestors were tribal, and different tribes like and do different things--even at the movies! Still, we CAN all get along!

That said, if you have a comment or thought after hearing Powell's words, share it with me!

Daaamn Powell! How do you really feel? LOL


James J said...

Wow Clifton Powell roasted Spike Lee. I know Spike is an a$$hole. I know people in the industry that have dealt with him and left with a bad taste in their mouth. However, it doesn't make him wrong about his comments on TP. It may be hate or jealousy driving it but much of it is right on point.

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