Saturday, April 16, 2011

Janet Jackson"True You" Book Signing at LA's Book Soup

Janet Jackson came, she saw, she conquered! So what's new, right? Lol. To fans she slays onstage, as the "kids" say, and yesterday at her "True You" book signing she did it offstage with a Sharpie and a smile. Squeezed between close walls and high book shelves, Sunset Strip bookstore, Book Soup, hosted the event. But though the spot was small, Janet's big smile and expressive eyes put "True You" buyers at ease...well, not all of them.

Having anxiously waited all morning and a good part of the afternoon in the LA heat for Janet to arrive, some fans literally let loose in her presence, while others waited until they got outside to vent their joy at meeting their "Queen". Grown men openly wept or danced while one excited woman literally screamed to the Hollywood Hills. One passing by may have thought a tent revival was occurring, but in the presence of Janet, it's a known fact that even the non-religious often have a "religious" experience.

Since we the press had to wait for Janet too, I turned my lens as I always do to the fans. "Light-skin, dark-skin, the Asian persuasion..." Janet's got them all and I talked to many of them about "True You" and its impact. What they shared was enlightening but also a testament as to why "True You" is a NY Times best-seller. So watch the video and leave a comment!

If you've read the book or attended a show, give me some "Feedback"!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm SOOO happy that U & the rest of the Press were able to get in to see her, but the hundreds of fans that waited ALL afternoon to have their book signed were not able to. I'm also VERY upset that Janet would sit there and say how much she appreciated the fact that all of the "kids" came out to support her...yet she couldn't even stick around long enough to sign copies for those of us that waited for so long to meet her. I was literally FIVE people from the entry when they cut the line and gave out "presigned" copies.
Sorry, but there are some extremely UNHAPPY fans right now. This was horrible! said...

So if you had gotten in to see Janet and have your book signed by her, would you still be mad? And trust on the press end things weren't perfect either, but I got in where I fit in to get the video of her at the end.

It's easy to be mad at Janet 'cause that's the only name you know probably, but sometimes it's the handlers that jack things up! Janet's focus is on HER SHOW, HER MUSIC. Book signings and extra events are the focus of others. It's the nature of the beast we call showbiz.

Put yourself in her shoes for a second. You just can't please everyone! Hope you gotta chance to enjoy the show!

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