Friday, April 22, 2011

Cornwell West: A Dialogue of Love For Spike Lee & Tyler Perry

Thank you Jamal Finkley for sharing this on Facebook this morning! Dr. Cornell West to me is like E.F. Hutton was back in 80's commercials. When West talks, I listen, and I suggest we all do the same on this great debate between Tyler Perry and Spike Lee. Roll the video, LISTEN, and LEARN!


Rita B said...

Majority of Tyler Perry's financial success is a result of ignorant and/or naive people who've bought his vices because it caters to their "foolness." It's easy for fools to buy into habitual "foolness" rather than invest in something that may shed light on or broaden their perspective and ultimately create a humanity of real substance and value.
Simply put, Spike's content resonates because it comes from an UNAFFECTED place of credibility. Unlike Perry, Spike is not replaceable or disposable. said...

Well, that depends on who you talk to Rita! Spike ain't perfect! I mean what cultural relevance did "She Hate Me" have? Who did that resonate with?

Spike's more mad at black audiences than Perry IMO ever since we decided to see "Set It Off" instead of "Get On The Bus". At the end of the day, people put their money where there movie enjoyment is!

People pay for escapisms at a theater, not necessarily edification. And people should have that right to see BOTH if they choose.

James J said...

Dr West is right on point. Success vs Greatness. Tyler while making very successful films has yet to make a great one. Spike only has one really successful film but has made several great films. Malcolm X, Do Thing Right thing, Jungle Fever and Mo Betta Blues still stand up 20 years later. Will we say that about Madea Goes to Jail in 20 years. If Tyler was not capable of doing better I would not be so critical but he is. For Colored Girls while very flawed showed that TP is capable of making real films and not just minstrel show comedies. I just want him to move away from Madea and do something of substance that is meaningful and lasting.

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