Sunday, March 27, 2011

That Banned Sexy Serena Williams Commercial!


Booty! Booty! Booty! Rocking everywhere! Yes, Serena's got asssets and it appears she doesn't mind using them to not only promote fashion but also this new 2k Sports video game commercial. But the question is, is it too much for television or the target market?

Personally, I'm all for being sexy but exposed butt cheeks, breast close-ups, and porn-like screams of passion--for tennis that is--are all a bit much to sell a video game, even if it's all fantasy as Serena alludes to.

I'm obviously not the only one that thinks so. Yep, the powers that be changed their minds after it received negative feedback thanks to Serena sharing it online via Twitter.

Take a look yourself at this vid, tell me if you think it's a bit much and why.


Dana said...

Hmmm...I gotta sleep on this one~I'll get back wit'cha! said...

Girrrrrl, you know Serena doesn't need all that booty showing for her, a tennis champion, to sell a video game about tennis. Now if she was selling some of her attention stealing tennis outfits, then maybe I'd give it a pass.

Guess my concern really is, people getting so distracted by her assets, that they forget she's a CHAMPION athlete with also a mind.

Black and Latino Filmmaker said...

Hot! I'm guessing they pulled it because it doesn't fit the target demographic.

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