Thursday, March 10, 2011

NEW Micheal Jackson Video, "Going Hollywood"

Awww yeah! Chicka ahhhhh! Micheal Jackson's new song, "Going Hollywood", reminds me of the passion I had when I first arrived here in 2002! The car was packed with all my must-havs; I had no job waiting for me; no relatives that worked in the industry; no idea how it was all gonna turn out. But I had a measure of faith and the feeling that, "come what may, at least I tried."

Seeing this new video, was just the fire I needed this morning to re-light that spark I had in 2002. For those of you "Going Hollywood" the right way, I hope this gives you too a little push to keep striving toward doing what you came to here to do. Remember, you made it farther than most.

Now go get your penny loafers, white socks, black fedora, white bedazzled glove, and DANCE! Grab your crotch! Moonwalk! Don't stop til you get enough!

Never can, never will say goodbye!


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