Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Melanie Fiona, Nicole Ari Parker "Decide To Be Beautiful" With Hair Architect, Keith Campbell

Hollywood is always a buzz with celebrity, but last weekend some of the hottest names in music pooled into La La land for the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards. Party over here, party over there, every where you go there was a party. And with NBA All Star Weekend starting THIS week, the partying continues.

Taking advantage of the festive climate, "hair architect" and celebrity stylist Keith Campbell presented a "Cuts For Our Infirmities" book signing event complete with beautiful people, beautiful hair, and "beat" faces. "Decide To Be Beautiful" was the name of the affair and was held in Beverly Hill's Salon 180 Beauty Lounge, complete with gift bags, tasty edible treats, and wine.

For those of you NOT in the know "beat" is industry slang meaning someone's cosmetic game is on point! It IS the business! Eyelashes on, eyeshadow done, lip color popping...they fancy, huh!

Helping many celebs' including the "Girlfriends" cast, Eva Pigford, Melanie Fiona, Nicole Ari Parker, and Nia Long win the hair game and live up to their fanciest potential is Keith Campbell. Be sure to visit his website to learn more about his unique approach to all things beauty and his new book, "Cuts For Our Infirmities."

While attendees chatted and sipped I turned my camera lens to the lovely co-hosts, Grammy nominee, Melanie Fiona, and multi-talented actress/director, Nicole Ari Parker. Listen to these ladies share their personal beauty tips and explain how they prep to do what they do so well. Surprisingly what they share is probably on the shelf in your own bathroom or kitchen.

Melanie Fiona

Nicole Ari Parker


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