Thursday, January 06, 2011

Ted Williams, Homeless Radio Announcer: A Hollywood Perspective


This story of Ted Williams, the homeless radio announcer with a "God-given gift of voice" is inspiration for the new year. It's proof that when you least expect it a blessing can happen, and that in life you do get second chances, maybe even more.

This story is a "Hollywood as WE live and work" story. We who work in entertainment know how quickly you can go from feast to famine and back again due to the fickle nature of the industry or just bad decisions. On a certain level, Ted Williams is just like us. We may not be homeless, but like him, we aren't exactly sure how the blessings will come either.

We don't know just how close we are to getting a script or show idea optioned, getting that gig or job we've prayed for, or finding angel investors for your film or business. The blessing could come from anywhere, anyone, at anytime! The trick is to keep pushing!

The other side to that is to BE READY when the blessing comes! When Williams was asked to demonstrate his talent, he didn't hesitate! His "God-given gift of voice" blows you away in the video. In an instant the professional radio announcer appeared. Can your "God-given gift" be demonstrated regardless of your situation? Or do you often allow circumstances to hinder you? In this town, you generally only get one chance to do your thing and do it convincingly. Williams had one shot and he nailed it!

Lastly, the story behind the camera is a Hollywood lesson too. "The Columbus Dispatch" videographer/photographer, Doral Chenoweth, set out to get some interesting video, not necessarily to be a good Samaritan as this CNN post reports. He didn't give Williams money nor a tangible gift, he gave him priceless, intangible exposure instead. All these talent shows.."American Idol", "So You Think You Can Dance", etc., are just grander versions of what Chenoweth did for Williams. The networks aren't necessarily doing it to be a blessing, but they do know the exposure contestants get can lead to bigger, better things.

Still, here in the entertainment world, we get so damn caught up in appearances, that REAL talent is often overlooked and real passion is devalued. But if there's a story to SELL behind the appearance, it has value. Thus, all the reports and media coverage.

On a smaller scale, when that inner voice says do something useful or helpful for somebody else, do you stop to ponder only what YOU can get out of it? If so, remember success in Hollywood is built on relationships, not just talent and persistence.


jd_motownwest said...

All very true! An inspirational story to start off the year, Alice! Thanks. ;)

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