Friday, December 10, 2010

Raven Symone, Jaleel White, Debbie Allen Talk "The Hot Chocolate Nutcracker"

One of the many advantages to living in a show biz town is being able to see spectacular performances throughout the year. That said, Debbie Allen's "The Hot Chocolate Nutcracker," does not disappoint! It's a wonderful show for young people and for those of us who still have a lot of kid left in us, especially during the holiday season.

In my previous interview with the force known as Debbie Allen, she described her adaptation of the classic Christmas story as a global exploration through dance, music, and traditional native costumes. She did not exaggerate! We traveled to several distant worlds rich in history and culture including Asia and Africa, but of course never physically left our seats. But thanks to Allen's direction and vision, we danced before ancient pyramids in Egypt, clicked castanets to the native rhythms of Spain, and marveled in space and time as amazing trapeze performers challenged laws of gravity.

Amid hundreds of talented kids "The Hot Chocolate Nutcracker" also stars two of our favorite television child actors that are now all grown up: Raven Symone of "That's So Raven", and "Family Matters" Jaleel White. Costumed as the cutest rodents you'll ever want to meet, they help move the story along through humor and song. And beneath the whiskers and fur, you may also recognize Debbie Allen herself having fun on stage.

Last night, while on the red carpet, I got a chance to hear Raven and Jaleel share their excitement about their roles with press as well as snap a few photos of celebrity arrivals. So roll the video below and be sure to head to Hollywood As I Live & Work's Facebook fan page to see some of who came out to support Debbie's "The Hot Chocolate Nutcracker."


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