Thursday, January 27, 2011

First Red Carpet Interview? Here's A Few Tips!

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As an entertainment writer and blogger, I meet plenty of up-and-comers new to the red carpet game. And while we prepare for the next two month's award shows and celebrity parties, I know some of you will need a little help--though you'll never admit it--on how to REALLY work the carpet. So this post is mostly for those WITHOUT A SEASONED PUBLICIST and have hired family and friends for the job to stay under budget.

However, if you do things right there will come a time in your career when you will ABSOLUTELY NEED A REAL PUBLICIST. So I do not suggest doing major red carpet events without one if you're trying to present yourself as an established star. So here are a few tips, publicist Tonita Perry, from Eaddy Perry & Associates shared, that will tighten up your red carpet game if you're planning on going down the "Hollywood vein" soon:

1. Get familiar with the various media outlets AND reporters, especially those that regularly cover red carpets. This includes blogs and entertainment news websites.

2. Figure out what's YOUR story and what makes you unique.

3. While on the carpet introduce yourself to those behind the machines and ASK FOR COVERAGE.

4. Play up the fact that you are familiar with a reporter's or an outlet's work.

5. Tell them you want them to get to know YOU which may lead to more coverage on a consistent basis even if it's just a mention.

6. Exchange business cards so when you receive coverage you can respond with a "Thank You," and if more information about you is desired, the reporter can reach you. But DON'T SHARE personal emails and contact numbers. Too much access is not good!

Here's a few from me:

7. Observe how the media outlets are situated along the carpet. Generally photo is first, tv outlets are next, then print and radio, and online is generally last. (I hate that!) These are SECTIONS. And on carpets with limited space, media outlets stand literally on top of each other so the name cards on the carpet may NOT actually be the outlet it says, so just ask what outlet it is.

8. Do NOT spend all your time on the carpet with just one outlet. Personally, I don't even think A-listers should, but it's done often. But for you, up-and-comer, it's a numbers game. Not every outlet may use your interview so "network" your way down the carpet, hitting every section.

9. Get to know faces and names, as you do more carpets you'll come to see "the regulars". Once you establish a rapport with them they'll start calling you by name IF you give great poses and soundbites.

10. Have some fun with it or at least look the part! Even when you think people aren't looking, they are.


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