Saturday, September 19, 2009

On Set of New Film "The Greatest Song" Starring Lamman Rucker & Aida Rodriguez

The rehearsing actors, the busy crew, and the private set lit just right for the upcoming scene...I love watching Hollywood magic happen as it unfolds. And while on the set of new film, "The Greatest Song", I got a chance to meet the magicians on set and behind the scenes...LIGHTS!...CAMERA!...AND ACTION!

Set in Los Angeles,"The Greatest Song", is a romantic story of how seeming opposites attract. Rucker portrays "wordly" music producer, Trent Major, and the film's screenwriter and actress, Aida Rodriguez portrays Salma Munoz, a nice "church" girl. Throwing them together is a church choir competition and other situations that demonstrate the spirit and the flesh can work together to do some good in the 'hood.

I'm looking forward to seeing this film for three reasons: It's written and produced by a woman, directed by a woman, and stars "Why Did I Get Married?" actor, Lamman Rucker. But that ain't all, Lamman is also Co-Producer proving yet again he's more than just a handsome face in Hollywood.

While on visiting behind the scenes, I talked with the director, producer, and cast members about "The Greatest Song" and how they described their unique role in the film. Just press play on the "The Greatest Song" film widget and be sure to check your local stores (Walmart, Target, etc) for the DVD.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Real Housewife of Atlanta's Nene Leakes LA Book Signing

I'd be willing to bet no matter the event once "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star, Nene Leakes, arrives the fun can truly begin. And begin it did recently in Los Angeles when Nene arrived at Leimert Park's Eso Won's book store to introduce her new book, "Never Make The Same Mistakes Twice: Lessons on Love and Life Learned The Hard Way."

The title is self explanatory. But this time the reality show diva and author shares experiences from her private life without all the cameras. It's definitely a page turner. From single motherhood, to becoming a stripper, to discovering the identity of her biological father later in life, to now reality show stardom, Nene bares a lot in her new book.

It is co-authored by Denene Millner, but don't get it twisted. Nene sets the record straight on WRITING her book and giving it her own voice. You can read a few pages of "Never Make The Same Mistakes Twice" by clicking this blue hyperlink.

Missed the book signing? Don't sweat it! Watch the video to see the fans, local celebs, and the press show Nene love as she arrives in true celebrity fashion. Hear too what inspired the book, her plans for life after "Real Housewives of Atlanta," and why she thinks so many fans of the show have chosen her as their favorite reality television diva.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Listen to Janet Jackson's New Single

Hopefully, tonight was a sign that indeed there are better days ahead for Janet Jackson. Participating in MTV's Micheal Jackson salute was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated moments of the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. And Janet delivered as usual in her OWN unique way by performing "Scream", the only song she and Mike performed together.

So while the internet was a buzz sharing commentary about her performance, her attentive fans were gifted with a new single called "Make Me" straight from Janet herself. Visit the link below to be "gifted" and get Janet news and updates.

Get Janet Jackson's New Single
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

2009 MTV Video Music Awards: Award Show Meets Reality Show

It's been a weekend of award shows for me, first UNCF's Evening of the Stars honoring Lionel Ritchie taped Saturday night in Pasadena, and then MTV's Video Music Awards broadcast live tonight from New York. One show, a traditional and respected tribute to a legendary songwriter filled with great performances; and the other, a ratings grabbing televised music event turned reality show and Twitter fodder. Which would you prefer to watch?

Well both shows offer a lot to see but MTV gave us a lot more to talk about it--or should I say Kanye West did. Right now as I type this blog, there are millions of other bloggers, journalists, Twitter, and Facebook updaters busily typing their take on what happened and why. Just watch the damn video!

Obviously, Jesus wasn't walking with Kanye in that moment. My initial response: "I wish a motherf>>>k would..." But Kanye knows what artists or people he can do that to. Ain't no way in hell he would have done that to an established fellow rapper, R&B artist nor even a country singer like Shania Twain nor Rascal Flatts.

As Diddy would put it, it's "bitchassness" at its best to steal a shining moment from a young new artist just to get attention. This was her first MTV award. And just as any bitchass would do, he apologizes on his blog a matter of hours later. Guess trendy shoes, houses, and shit wasn't getting him enough blog traffic so he had to do something outrageous. I'm not adding a link to his site but in some fake attempt at fairness I will share a pic of his "official apology."

To make up for Kayne acting like 14 year old fan, Beyonce graciously called Taylor back on stage so that she could continue her acceptance speech. Applause for Mrs. Hova!

Speaking of Jay-Z. He and fellow New Yorker gave a great performance of his new song, "Empire State of Mind." No doubt the two veterans needed no help with their part of the show, so what convinced artist Lil' Mama she needed to be on stage with them? Again, what the hell is wrong with people? Lil' Mama you'll never grow the hell up to be a "big" girl in the music industry crashing the performance of veterans like that. Let me put it bluntly, "Step back, young-un that performance was GROWN artist business. Go back to your place at the kiddy table and learn to respect your elders."

Lastly, having worked a couple of MTV Awards shows in my career, I know how far show producers will go to make "good tv". Just like I predicted the Eminen and Borat mess was a set up, it wouldn't surprise me if Kanye's and Lil' Mama's antics were not producer driven. Why? Simply because none of the content from the show is allowed on sites like YouTube. Videos of tonight's craziness is exclusively provided on MTV's website. Even the one above from above, is from MTV's servers.

Would MTV pay these artists a little extra to make the show a little more interesting? Hells to the yes! This is the business of show people and we produce the reality we want you to see. Seeing shouldn't always be connected to believing. Feel me?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Janet's Jackson Opens Up to Harper's Bazaar & MTV's VMA


Jermaine, LaToya, Tito, and of course father, Joe, have all publicly expressed their grief and concerns surrounding Michael's death. And now, Michael's strongest public defender, Janet has spoken.

"I haven't watched the news in weeks. I had to ask my chef, How's Obama doing? I haven't read a newspaper. On top of that, [we've lost] a family member," she says to Harper's Bazaar in an exclusive interview scheduled to hit stands in October.

In the upcoming issue she reflects on the last time she spent with Michael which was May 14th, two days before her 43rd birthday at a family gathering. "We
had so much fun that day. We kept calling each other after and saying how great it was."

Janet was informed of his death while on the set of "Why Did I Get Married 2" in Atlanta and flew to Los Angeles to be with her family. After the much publicized funeral at the Staples Center she, Rebbie, and LaToya spoke to the audience gathered at the adjacent Nokia Center which watched the funeral on screens. Says the article Janet received "thunderous" applause. "I don't remember that at all," she says. "I really didn't want to say anything. I left that night to go back to Atlanta to film."

Thus work has been very therapeutic. And next year Janet fans can look forward to a new book, a new film, and a new album. Co-written by author David Ritz, her book, "True You", is about diet and self esteem. "I can be an emotional eater...Of late, I have been doing that. It started when I was very little. My brothers were gone on tour a lot, and I would miss them so much. Certain things in my life would become triggers. I wish I'd had a book like this when I was that young."

Fortunately, fans won't have to wait until next year to connect with her on a personal level. This Sunday on MTV's Video Music Awards, Janet will pay special tribute to Micheal during the first part of the show. Watch the promo below.

Visit to get updates on all things Janet.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Maia Campbell Video

I generally don't get bent out of shape over most of what I see on the internet. But today I saw something disturbing to say the least. So disturbing I was compelled to do something.

Most of us remember actress Maia Campbell, the beautiful young lady and daughter of famed author Bebe Moore Campbell, from LL Cool J's sitcom, "In The House" or maybe Tyrese's "Sweet Lady Video". Over the years, we've seen less of her do to mental illness and drug abuse. That's not Hollywood gossip, but a known truth.

Then today while browsing the my social pages I noticed Maia's name repeatedly being mentioned, especially on Twitter. There was a lot of talk about a new video of her on the net and it wasn't flattering. Having missed a previous episode from her life that appeared online in 2006, I wasn't ready for what I saw on YouTube.

Sitting in car, parked outside a home in what appeared to be South Central, was Maia Campbell portraying herself, a drugged out schizophrenic. But sadly it wasn't an act. It was what Maia had become now. And to further add to injury, her attentive audience of a few ignorant friends of a friend laughed and egged her on.

Just a day ago I watched a video of an alleged drug addict singing at a funeral on YouTube and honestly, I laughed a lot. But seeing Maia at this low moment wasn't funny to me. In fact, I was saddened, then angered. It seemed to me Maia had been set up by someone she knew for possibly financial gain through high internet traffic. And that's just wrong, damn wrong.

But so what, right? Who really gives a damn about a cracked out schizo actress? So what her mamma died of a brain tumor. People die every day and the world doesn't shed a tear. So why should I spare one moment to inquire about how to get the video pulled from YouTube and a few black gossip blogs?

Because simply it's the right thing to do. Period. True, you can't really help those that aren't willing to help themselves. But does that give us the right to exploit them when they are at their lowest for website traffic? Hell no! And we all know it. Even Maia asked during the taping for the camera to be turned off, but the camera kept rolling.

So I'd like to see Black Hollywood take a stand, especially those with legal clout. Whether her family, friends, or former co-stars it matters not. Somebody out there still has to care enough about Maia Campbell to see this video pulled from YouTube and blogs.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Jeff Hodge: Comedy Traffic School

There's nothing funny about getting a ticket, right? Truly, all laughter ceases when you hear that signature theme song blaring behind you and see those pretty flashing lights in your rear view mirror. But despite the following DMV woes, you can still have the last laugh! All the way to Comedy Traffic School.

Part-time traffic school instructor and full time comedian, Jeff Hodge turns a long day in DMV "detention" into one extended stand up comedy routine, complete with educational signs and humorous driving techniques. Two years ago I literally laughed my asset off while serving "time" in detention for a minor driving infraction . And then when I returned to the hilarious class a second time, it was not as a student but as a videographer.

Roll this expertly shot (patting myself on the back) Comedy Traffic School footage!

See more of Jeff Hodge's comedy at, his official website.

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