Friday, May 29, 2009

The Hangover: Ignorance Ain't So Blissful

"Blame it on the vodka, blame it on the Henny, blame it on the Goose that's gotcha feeling loose. Blame it on the ac-ac-ac-ohol."--

Yes, blame it on the alcohol as to why in "The Hangover" three grown men, after a wild night in Vegas, wake up to find a hungry tiger in their hotel bathroom, an angry, naked man in the trunk of their car, and their best friend--who's scheduled to be married in a matter of hours--missing. Did I forget to mention they discover a baby in a closet? Hands and red cups down, this hilarious film is the perfect example as to why some people really shouldn't be allowed to drink anything stronger than Kool-Aid.


In "The Hangover" the trouble begins innocently enough. Doug (Justin Bartha) and his best friends, Phil and Stu (Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms), and his future brother-in-law, Alan (Zach Galifianakis), road trip to Vegas for a memorable bachelor party. They get an amazing suite at a luxury hotel on the strip and then head out to have some fun.

So what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Lies, myths, and fairy tales! The foursomes' *ho-clivities and proclivities of the night are so crazy, they're too many witnesses to kill and bribe to keep it a secret.


Keeping their iniquities in Sin City seems easy to do considering they can't remember BEEP! of the night before. All they know is they've got a luxurious suite that now appears they partied like 10 rock stars in it and a short time to get Doug to his wedding. WHAT THE ....!

In order to solve the mystery of the missing groom to be, the guys attempt to retrace their drunken steps. As they go about piecing together the comical details even more hell breaks loose. And to make matter worse, they're paid an unexpected visit by former Heavy Weight Champion, Mike Tyson--one more person they managed to piss off throughout the night.


These guys definitely get high and by with a little help from each other. And as the comedy unfolds, you see the distinct personalities of each character stand out. Each guy adds his own brand of humor to the film. Undoubtedly, the most hilarious character is Alan (Zack Galifianakis) a.k.a Fat Jesus (Lord, that's funny!). This actor is drop jaw funny and definitely a scene stealer.

Overall, "The Hangover" is a fun flick. But don't get caught up in details like just how was a live tiger brought into a luxury hotel without notice or why would a mother knowingly leave her child with a crew of drunk men? Don't over-think it. It's a comedy not a documentary.

Directed by Todd Phillips ("Old School") "The Hangover" hits theaters June 5, 2009. Check out the website HERE for cast bios, downloads, and promotions.

*ho-clovity: (n) the natural or habitual or tendency to act like a "ho." : A ho-clivity to make-out with strangers at a club. Plural ho-clovities. Note: This word is an Alice R. Fuller original. Any use beyond this blog, please give proper credit. Lol.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jazmine Sullivan, Dream Big: My Hollywood Theme Song

There's a new girl on the music scene and she's sounding good! Jazmine Sullivan, another Philly breakout artist, is doing big things with her music. VH-1 Soul and radio here keeps her in heavy rotation. Though I wasn't feeling her first song about breaking windows (that will get you a case, ladies), I am definitely feeling this hit, "Dream Big". It easily could have been the soundtrack to my life when I decided to relocate to Hollywood. And now it's sheer motivation.

So turn your speakers up on this one people and dance like nobody's watching. And to those thinking of making the move here, "Dream Big!"

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gamble and Huff Receive Icon Award: 57th Annual BMI Awards

"I Love Music, sweet, sweet music..." That's certainly true and Tuesday night at the 57th Annual BMI Pop Awards music was in the air at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel as legends Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff aka "Gamble and Huff" received the night's highest honor, the Icon Award. (Applause please!)

Some of you young'uns may not know them but ask your parents or your older siblings, especially if they're close to or over 30 yrs old. Anybody that grew up on watching the "hippest trip in America", "Soul Train", should know who Gamble and Huff are. In fact, the music of this dynamic duo is probably being sampled right now by some new school producer as I type this post. Truly, their contributions to the world of music is priceless and timeless. They laid the foundation for the whole Philly movement way before Musiq, Jill Scott, The Roots, Jazmine Sullivan, etc.

Speaking of timeless music, 20 years from now just what will music producers have to sample from? Soulja Boy? Lord help 'em! Frankly, by then I'll be too old to care. But if I still have my hearing, trust I'll be rocking and strolling my walker to the music created by the great minds like Gamble and Huff.

LOVE, PEACE, & SOUL PEOPLE! *Fist in the air* Here's a flashback. Go 'head and do the bump to this like you used to!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

John Legend Commencement Speech: Finding Your Truth

We know multiple Grammy winning and Penn State graduate can sing from his soul, but in the speech below he speaks from his soul--no piano, no backup singers, no band. Whether starting your post graduate journey in life or well into it, his message of empowerment and truth is one worth taking with you. Listen.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Cougars, Let Your Purrs Be Heard: The Humor Mill

Ladies and Gentlemen! The new issue of The Humor Mill Magazine features a fabulous article by an equally fabulous! On the cover is the vivacious Vivica A. Fox and on page 44 is my write up on Cougars, no not the furry four-legged variety, but the other kind. I'm talking about the unique female creature that prances around on 2 legs (fur optional) and dates and mates with younger men. Check it out!

Thanks Frank! Check my blog roll for The Humor Mill link to see more of the current issue.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Angels & Demons: The Path Of Illuminati Illuminated

"Religion is flawed because man is flawed"--Angels and Demons

"Angels & Demons". Is it better than the book? No, not better but equally enjoyable. However, as with any book turned movie, expect some major omissions and changes in this second adaptation of one of Dan Brown's best selling novels. There's plenty of suspense, action, and high drama so visually there's a great story but you may feel a bit rushed as the characters traverse Rome trying to stop a mysterious killer and locate a bomb planted within the Vatican walls at the same time in a just a few hours.

Reprising his role from "DaVinci Code", Tom Hanks returns as Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, in "Angels & Demons". Ron Howard also returns as the director and co-producer. The cast is an international mix of great talent which gives you an idea of the full global reach of this story of opposing truths.

"Angels & Demons" opens with the Vatican burying the pope and trying to decide who will become the next leader of the Catholic church. As the religious elite go about their religious rites and ceremony, four cardinals are kidnapped and a bomb is placed somewhere inside the Vatican. It can be seen on security cameras, but not easily located by police.

Taking blame for the kidnapping and promise of a catastrophic explosion is the Illuminati, a centuries-old enemy of the Catholic church. Throughout history the Illuminati was a secret society of free thinking men that openly challenged the church's authority. So of course, the religious powers that be then attempted to rid the world of Illuminati by any means necessary, driving the brotherhood underground literally and figuratively. And now the descendants of the secret fraternity want revenge.

In explosive times like these the Catholoc church needs a historically savvy savior. Enter Professor Robert Langdon. In order to decipher the Illuminati codes and conduct, Langdon is flown to Rome where he meets Vatican police and scientist Vittoria Vetra. She co-created the anti-matter that is within the bomb.

Sidebar: Though the book explains how this anti-matter could finally end the war of thought concerning creation between science and religion, the film doesn't fully explain it's relevance. Referring to it as a bomb keeps the story simple and a little less controversial. So if you're stuck on Adam & Eve as your explanation of how we came to be, your religious beliefs are not challenged. Leave your holy water at home. You won't be needing it to douse the movie screen. Now back to the story.

Langdon and Vetra only have fours to locate the highly explosive anti-matter before it eliminates the Vatican and surrounding areas. So again, there is a sense of urgency in the film. But many of the clues that help locate the Path of Illuminati are rushed through. Names of artists and scientist you haven't heard since World Civ. and Art History 101 come at you quickly as Langdon attempts to explain Illuminati clues that only he can understand.

That said, do you need to read the book before seeing the movie? Personally, it did help me as I watched the screening. Yet, if you see the film first I think you'll still have an enjoyable movie experience. Overall, it's a universal good versus evil story filled with lots of twists and turns. But who's really on team evil? That my friends you'll have to see the film or read the book to find out. And there's no better time than the present. "Angels & Demons" opens TODAY.

Want more insight into the making of the film visit the film's website at

Friday, May 08, 2009

Next Day Air Premiere: Film In Theaters May 8th

Okay, here are a few pics from the "Next Day Air" premiere held at the ArcLight Theater. Now, this is rare cause there aren't many of pics of me on this blog and even less of me smiling this hard. Well get ready for an overload 'cause I'm straight cheesing in the company of these gorgeous men. Lol

Me and Cherice Calhoun, Founder of, were representing the website. And for those wondering, yes there is a video. I produced one for the organization which is on my and BlackNLA's Facebook pages. Click HERE to see the the vid.

We could almost be related. However I wasn't looking at Omari like my brother. *wink* He's great in "Next Day Air" and may I say sexy as all get out in the film.

The handsome man between me and Cherice, the man of the night, "Next Day Air" Director, Benny Boom.

Richard T. is in da building! Or is that Pastor Richard T. ? He definitely blessed with his presence.

Darrin Henson, this is definitely a busy man in Hollywood.

What! Robert Townsend! Still Hollywood shuffling?

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Confessions Of A Hollywood Blogger

Okay, I didn't talk this over with my publicist. I can just imagine our convo when she reads this. "You weren't supposed to say that!". Oh well, I'm saying it anyway. Why?'s time to try something new, come with a different approach.

1. First, I must confess there are time when I honestly am not sure in which direction I want this blog to go. Entertainment news, movie reviews, red carpets....there's plenty to talk about concerning Hollywood, but what do people really want to read about besides gossip that interests me enough to write constantly about it? The floor is open for suggestions. I began Hollywood: As I Live & Work to give faraway friends and family, a sense of what my life now consists of and to explore Hollywood life beyond glitzy events.

2. Keep it simple or make it a blogging business. Blogging is BIG business these days. Those that make it a business often blog solely for money. They write what their advertisers or sponsors want them to write or want they THINK will produce high traffic--gossip and such. I AM A Professional Writer/Blogger, however, I draw the line at writing anything just for a paycheck. I totally respect the power of words--written and said.

3. I confess covering red carpets ain't as easy I try to make it appear. Yes, I shoot, interview, and edit but damn it's a lot of work. Honestly, I do like talking to actors, musicians, and industry elite but doing it with a camera and/or mike in hand sometimes kills the joy of conversation. To some press is a necessary evil so celebs and the like don't see YOU, they see your job and act accordingly. I'm hardly a reporter. I just like talking to people I find interesting and sharing their good news with visitors.

Most of the professional entertainment writers I know, won't even do red carpets. Why? It's usually too much going on and too many elements out of thier control that get in the way of recording interviews. And too often as well, press is not allowed into the event. However, certain mainstream outlets are seemingly never denied.

And the other reason red carpets can be challenging? Black press is treated like second class citizens. Now here's the part I'm not suppose to tell: Black press is sent to the back of the line, especially for "mainstream" events. We're in the "ghetto" of the carpet---no lights, no step and repeat, and too often celebrities are led right past us. This includes African-American celebs too.

That's confession enough for one blog post. Confession is good for the soul so they say. Now whether it's good for this blog is still a question.

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