Thursday, April 03, 2008

Spike Lee: New Film Yet Old Challenges

Arguably one of the most prolific and thought provoking directors in cinematic history--black or white--Spike Lee has made an indelible impact to the world of filmmaking as a whole. From breaking new talent before the camera to inspiring and training the next generation of creatives behind the lens, Lee is a visionary on a mission to get films made by any means necessary.

Recently at Los Angeles' Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Chrysler LLC, honored the multi-talented director, producer, writer, and actor with its 6th Annual Behind the Lens Award for his employment of African Americans in key roles behind the camera. Yet despite numerous awards--including Academy Award nominations, a critically acclaimed body of work, and a recent box office success with Inside Man, it's still a challenge for Lee to get films produced in Hollywood. In an intimate press conference before the Chrysler event, he explains why.


So what can we look forward to in his new war epic Miracle at St. Anna?


During red carpet arrivals of the 6th Annual Behind the Lens event, I joined an interview in progress with Micheal Ealy and's, Lee Bailey. In it Ealy talks about his pivotal role in Miracle at St. Anna and what he hopes audiences will take from it.


But Miracle at St. Anna is not all that Spike Lee has too look forward to this year. Thanks to his vision and fundraising efforts, young minds at historically black colleges and universities in Atlanta will now be able to major in sports journalism.


Each one, teach one. Thank you Spike!


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