Monday, April 07, 2008

Lamman Rucker Talks With

Just look what or better yet who I stumbled upon in my internet travels today. The talented thespian, Lamman Rucker, star of Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married? and Meet the Browns. "WOW!," is all I can say about this picture!

In an interview with the Hollywood hunk talks about getting roles for his acting chops not his chiseled pecs and shoulders pictured left, well defined six pack, gorgeous bright smile surrounded by his yummy chocolate complexion, slightly dimpled chin or ...I'm sorry I digressed. Back to the article!

With writer Kenya Byrd, the D.C. native also shares a personal story about losing his little brother "to the streets" in '92, alleged romances with Jill Scott and Toccara, his take on Hip Hop and it's depiction of black women, and his newest project, Ball Don't Lie. Here's an excerpt: Tell me about Ball Don’t Lie.

I play Trey and I’m on the street basketball team. The film is based on a book by Matt de La Pena and is about this young White kid who is placed in foster care after his mother tragically dies. He is an orphan and poor, which drives home the point that at-risk youth don’t just exist in the Black community. At the end of the day, it’s more a matter of economics than race. In the end, basketball becomes his saving grace when he discovers the recreation center in the hood, where some serious street ball is played by much older and more experienced players. So not only must this young guy adapt to an older generation but to their athletic prowess.

To read the rest of the interview visit or just click HERE. Be sure to check out his baby pics too while there!


Dana said...

Good LAWD!!!! Got MY attention!!!!! WoooWeeee!!!!!

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