Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Iron Man: Robert Downey Jr. Is The Man!


If that clip doesn't convince you to see Iron Man this Friday, nothing will! Amazing special effects, explosions, and a wealthy, playboy leading man that parties like a rock star...what more can you ask for in a movie about a superhero without supernatural powers?

Truly, you can't help but like Robert Downey, Jr. as super rich weapons manufacturer, Tony Starks. He's funny, irreverent, boyishly charming, and genius--characteristics that serve him well with the ladies, but not so with Afghanistan terrorist. While visiting the country to show off his new toy of mass destruction, he is gravely injured and kidnapped by his customers. When he realizes his own weapons were used against him, Stark decides to "get out the business".

But before he can change professions, he must first keep himself alive. Shrapnel metal threatens Stark's heart and his captives threaten to kill him if he doesn't make them his new Jericho missile. So with the help of fellow inmate, Dr. Yinsen (Shaun Toub), who created a protective device for his heart, Stark designs a plan and a full armored suit complete with guns and fire blowers to help him escape.

Once back on American soil, his new mission in life is clear--rid the world of the ubiquitous weapons Stark Industries created in enemy possession. But not everyone on his team is down with his new "save the world" direction, including his chief executive, Obadiah (Beau Bridges) and Air Force buddy, Jim (Terrance Howard). Not even his ever faithful assistant, Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow) understands his new change of heart. So Stark, like most heroes, must walk or in this case, fly alone to do what he feels is right.

But Stark is not totally alone. In his lab, a team of robotic "friends" and assistants help him create the metallic lean, mean fighting machine Iron Man fans have come to love. And with their artificial intelligence combined with his super intelligence, Tony Stark sets out to right the world's wrongs. Am I telling you anything you already didn't know? I didn't think so.

Click the widget below to see more scenes from the film. And be sure to head to the theaters early, real early this Friday for Iron Man's opening night.


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