Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Humor Mill Magazine

We've all heard that a good reporter never reveals his sources. Whatever! My days of of hard news are over and now all I want to do is report the good news. And to help me do just that is the digital magazine called, The Humor Mill. I like this mag so much I thought I'd do a blog about it. Wanna see it? Well here it go!

Keeping readers abreast of what's new in comedy and entertainment, this online publication is very aesthetically pleasing and most importantly, informative. Applause to publisher, Frank Holder, and the writers! All you Hooked On Phonics and damn-near blind readers, there are even special tools for you too. Thanks to the mags digital format, you can zoom in or out to make pages easier to read and even turn the pages with just a click. And for those you of that only want to see the pretty celebrity pictures, there's plenty of them too.

Click HERE to read this issue

Featured in this current issue is the ubiquitous voice of God--veteran thespian, Keith David. From commercials to feature films, to documentaries and promo reels, David's distinctive voice is used in show biz more than most realize. Also in this issue, catch up with the Wayans brothers, David Allen Grier, Tyrese, and Soul Food's, the series, Vanessa Williams.

BREAKING NEWS: The Humor Mill is also reporting that Spike Lee is still in town shooting a doc about the life of famed LA Laker, Kobe Bryant. Expect it on ESPN or ABC sometime next year.

Check out the covers of some previous issues, then visit The Humor Mill's website to sign up for a free subscription. Just click the title. Happy viewing!


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