Sunday, April 27, 2008

GLAAD Media Awards Red Carpet

I'm so GLAAD I had the opportunity to not only cover the red carpet of the 19th Annual GLAAD Media Awards, but also to attend the show. In doing so I wanted to share some insight into organization's People of Color Media Program (POC) and it's relevance to the community. I felt too that it was important to give those nominees and attendees of color the press they deserve, but rarely get by media outlets in their own racial communities.

Video 1: National President shares why the event is important and why the POC exists.


Video 2: Hear from some nominees and attendees why the POC program is important to them and humorous "marriage" announcements.


Video 3: Honoree, Janet Jackson, talks about her first introduction to the gay lifestyle and why she is receiving the Vanguard Award.


On a personal note, I got every interview I wanted but one with Ms. Jackson. But this time, I actually got the attention of her publicists, begged for an interview, and they surprisingly brought her over to me and the journalist standing next to me to do a joint interview. Unfortunately, in the second I took to look in the viewfinder to frame my shot, I lost the interview to him. And before I could ask any question at all she was whisked away. But that's life on the red carpet. Windows of opportunity to talk to A-listers can often close as soon as they open.

Unlike most of the award shows I've attended, this one was devoid of several musical performances or host wardrobe changes. Instead it was a night of touching speeches and often humorous personal stories from a range of gay and straight people including Cindy Crawford, Sharon Stone, Gary Marshall, and Ellen Degeneres. There was also too plenty of fundraising with silent auctions and pledge donations. Overall it felt less like a televised award presentation and more like a large family reunion. Visit to get more information. And check your local listings for Bravo's broadcast of the 19th Annual GLAAD Media Awards later this year.

Personal thanks to GLAAD's Cindi Creager, Nick Adams, BWR-PR, and 3rd Rail Enterprises


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